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Single Spray Tan                                             $50
Your luxurious tanning  appointment  will be like no other! More Info

Express Single Spray Tan                               $65
All the benefits of spray tanning, except only a minimal waiting time of 1-3 hours for color to develop! Our brand new bronzing solution delivers immediate results and the tan fully develops in 1-3 hours. We include a final touch of Anti-Stick body powder to eliminate uncomfortable creasing.

Airbrush Tanning, Package of 5                     $175
*Saves you $75.

Express Tanning Package of 5                       $275
*Saves you $50

Tanning Party! ...                                              $35

Invite a minimum of three (3) friends over, and you all get individual spray tan sessions.  The hostess of 5+ tans free!*  
If you have a large group of friends, you can rotate the parties amongst yourselves.  Since most people tan every two weeks, you can be tan all year!

What to wear to a Tanning Party?

It is best to arrive in dark, loose fitting clothes (ie. cotton sweats, pajamas). You may also want to bring a bathrobe or sarong to wear after your tan while you're drying.  To all those ladies who are uncomfortable about your body... don't worry!  In the tanning tent, you will wear a bikini, disposables, or nothing, but regardless- our technicians will always make you feel comfortable!   We tan all shapes, sizes and ages- please do not feel embarrassed or body conscious.  

Bride to Be?

*Bridal Trial Spray Tan Only $35! All brides want to look a ‘picture of beauty’ on the biggest and happiest day of their lives. Nothing will capture a radiant bride more than having a gorgeous tan to offset your dress.  We recommend getting a trial before the big day for peace of mind ...and you will glow, in and out of your dress. [wink!] 


All Love. No Push. Feeling Good is the Goal. ...Because everyone looks better with a tan! Behind our heart is a whole lot of genuine effort trying to figure out how we can make you feel better? We hope to inspire our community to be authentic & connected, so we donate 10% of our monthly sales to local non-profits who support & help others, too. Our intentions are pure & our products are pure.

Organic. Paraben Free. & Never Tested on Animals. At Adore Me Co, we believe that beauty is more than just skin deep. We want you to love being in your own skin & that’s why we chose to use all-natural products. You deserve to nourish your skin without having to compromise on your values & healthy lifestyle. Have peace of mind & glow from the inside-out.

The sun makes us feel vibrant and wonderful, but its rays can damage our skin. At Adore Me Co, we want to deliver a healthier way for you to discover that same awesome feeling & glow, but in a safer way. We understand it may take some extra TLC to shine brighter, so we make it feel luxury and make it as easy as possible on you. 

Adore Me Co. artists are hand-picked & Jessica Adarme is Master Certified in airbrush tanning & custom color-blending by Norvell University. She uses a specific technique of airbrushing that’s applied to many Hollywood Stars for that natural, on-the-red-carpet, sexy-bronzed glow that we now get to share with you. In the privacy of your own home or other desired location, she will bring the tanning set-up to you. The appointment takes about 40 minutes and we bring a mess-free enclosed tent that can be set up anywhere. Strip down to your comfort level and we deliver a sunless spray that will have you glowing! 

Mobile Spray Tanning Services

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